“Can the Power of Thought Help in Detoxing Your Life?”

Absolutely!  Much of what a person physically experiences in their life is due to their subconscious programs – their thoughts. We need to detox our minds from the false and limiting beliefs that are also tied to our physical well-being,

Much of what a person physically experiences in their life is due to their subconscious programs. One of our Quantum University faculty members, Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD, explains this very well in his book “Biology of Belief”.

“Nutrition isn’t the only thing a mother provides for her baby. A complex chemistry of maternal signals, hormones, and stress factors also cross the placental barrier and influence fetal physiology and development. When the mother is happy, so is the baby. When the mother is in fear, so is the baby. By the time the baby is born, emotional information downloaded from the mother’s experiences has already shaped half of that individual’s personality.

The most influential perceptual programming of the subconscious mind, however, occurs from birth through age six. This means that perceptions acquired before the age of six become the fundamental subconscious programs that shape the character of an individual’s life.

Adult EEG readings show that the human brain operates on at least five different frequency levels, each associated with a different brain state.

1. Delta.5 – 4 HzSleeping/unconscious
2. Theta4 -8 HzImagination/Reverie
3. Alpha8 – 12 HzCalm Consciousness
4. Beta12 – 35 HzFocused consciousness
5. Gamma> 35 HzPeak performance

When you look at brain frequencies in children, however, they are radically different. The predominant brain activity during a child’s first two years is Delta. Between two and six, the child’s brain activity goes only up to Theta, yet is often in Delta. Only after the age of six does the brain go to Alpha. By twelve years old, the brain then moves up to Beta. In case you didn’t realize it yet, children younger than six are operating at levels below consciousness. Delta and Theta brain frequencies are defined as hypnagogic trance. This is the same state Hypnotherapists use to directly download new behaviors into the subconscious minds of their clients. In other words, the first six years of a child’s life are basically spent in a hypnotic trance!

A child’s perceptions of the world are directly downloaded into the subconscious during this time without discrimination and without filters of the analytical self-conscious mind, which does not fully exist yet. We are all simply programmed.

The Jesuits were aware of this programmable state and proudly boasted, “Give me the child until it is seven and I will give you the man.” They knew the child’s trance state facilitated a direct implanting of Church dogma into the subconscious mind. Once programmed, that information would inevitably influence ninety-five percent of that individual’s behavior for the rest of their life.”

Dr. Lipton has scientifically proven that our subconscious minds and how we perceive and interrupt our environment, in fact, control our genes.

This is great news because instead of being stuck with our traits being dictated by our genes, it means we can change who we are and even our health through Epigenetics.

The simple definition of epigenetics is above or over the genes. Epigenetics is what controls the genes.

Perceptions and circumstances in your life can cause genes to be expressed or active or the opposite silenced or dormant.

Here’s an analogy. Think of your life as a movie with the actors being your cells. Your DNA is the words on the script and your genes move when hollering action by instructing key events within the script. Epigenetics is the director of the movie. You still follow the script yet the director can alter the movie by deleting scenes or dialogue. Depending on who your director is your movie/Life can be very different. Such as the difference between Alfred Hitchcock as a director or Steven Spielberg.

Epigenetics involves genetic control by factors other than an individual’s DNA sequence such as perceptions, thoughts and attitudes. Epigenetic changes can switch genes on or off. The behavior of a person’s genes doesn’t just depend on the genes’ DNA sequence – it’s also affected by Epigenetic factors. According to Dr. Lipton, each cell membrane has receptors that pick up various environmental signals, and this mechanism controls the “reading” of the genes inside your cells. Your cells can choose to read or not read the genetic blueprint depending on the signals being received.

What this all means is that you are not controlled by your genetic makeup. Instead, your genetic readout (which genes are turned “on” or “off”) is primarily determined by your thoughts, attitudes, and perceptions!

(First in a series of articles. See “Mentally Detox Using Meditation” for the second article as each article contains information in a sequence, which builds on the information of the previous article.)

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