“Can Stress Make People Sick?”

In this blog, we are diving into how stress can physically affect you. Would you agree, stress can make people sick? It stands to reason, therefore, that stress is toxic.

Let’s find this toxic source of stress that causes people to be sick.

I’ve found it is typically suppressed and repressed guilt, shame, anger, fear or other negative toxic emotions. Remove these emotions, and you’ll then in effect, “detox” yourself to your former healthy, vibrant self.

Many doctors try to relieve the “aftereffects” or symptoms of toxins and stress rather than remove the cause of the toxin itself. My goal is to help you release the actual cause of toxic stress that is blocking you from the life of abundance you desire.

The story of my transformation…

Andrea Heilo

I served for more than 20 years in the Army in a MEDEVAC Air Ambulance Company. During the Gulf War, my fellow Army pilot and boyfriend died in a helicopter crash along with many other close friends. Years later, when I finally allowed myself to trust and love again, my new husband stole all my properties, all my money, and anything else he could within our first few months of marriage. This led to an 8-year battle and all the stress that comes with a costly and toxic divorce. I was physically in pain from my years of military service, where I had been exposed to many kinds of toxic injections as part of standard warfare procedure. I was mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially traumatized.

I lived in isolation, withdrawn from my friends and family. When I went out, I would put on my fake happy face even though inside I was a wreck. Then my mother died and I ended up in the hospital with a deadly bacterial infection that required surgery. After the surgery, I awoke to a doctor informing me that my leg would need to be amputated to save my life. I choose a long and painful recovery process instead, saving my leg, yet adding even more financial strain to my life from the avalanche of hospital bills. I remember lying on my living room floor crying in physical pain and emotional anguish from this betrayal and loss of everything I had earned and valued in my life, especially my mother. I was at rock bottom.

Have you ever felt that way or known others who may have?  I was at such a low point. I knew I had to make a decision to change as I was able to bear this pain and suffering no longer.

Understanding where I came from is what gives me the platform to speak to you now. I truly experienced what I talk about, and believe me, I left out a lot to spare you from the ugly past.

Since my retirement from the Army and eventual divorce, I have achieved many things. I earned my PhD and launched my private practice. I love being a doctor in Natural Medicine and Neuro-Science. I am honored with the title of Dean of Admissions at the world’s largest institution of higher learning in Quantum Medicine and for the past 9 years I have been the event organizer for The World Congress of Quantum Medicine, bringing worldwide recognition to geniuses in the field of Quantum Physics. I work with several charities. I live in Hawaii on the beautiful island of Maui in a spacious five-bedroom home near the beach with two Poodles, two cats and my 93 year-old father.

I travel the world with authentic friends and gratefully enjoy my truly happy life. In fact, check out this award I just received as Top Doctor in Lahaina, Hawaii for Detox, Neuroscience, NLP, and Natural Medicine Specialist.

I’m not sharing these things to impress you! In fact, I’m sharing these in order to impress upon you some of the changes I had to make to be where “my version of contentment” is today. What I did is not for everyone. I chose to earn my degree to make my changes. If you think education is expensive, try ignorance!

I know you are reading this for your own results. I am here to help you to achieve your best.  I’ll focus on you and your results. I changed… are you ready to learn how I did that?

Let’s take a look at what you can learn in order to achieve your goals.


Getting Started

It is best to start with a written exercise. This causes you to internalize what you’ve read so far using Alpha brain waves. Identify how what you’re working on is real for you? How it relates to your life?

Let’s start with your Goals. Best to write out goals and check them off as you read through these articles in the next few months and do the work using quantum physics to achieve them.  Because you may forget how much you have accomplished if you don’t keep score; plus it is best to write out your goals.

Please find a partner for Partner Share time. This externalizes your TRUTH to someone else, forming a bond as you agree on this process and share information that helps the other person as well. It is a low risk exercise and what they say is true – two people are better than one. Plus this teaches collaboration, not competition, with others. Oh, and don’t forget the beauty of brainstorming with others!

My online course will walk you through each step.  Sort of a do-it-yourself (DIY) program for those who want to go more in depth. I’ll tell you more about that in the next few articles.

Do you have the life you want?  What does it COST you to NOT have this life? What are you paying by not having your dream life?

My solution for you is a huge amount of change in a short amount of time using this quantum physics approach. I have had many patients that can tell you and show you the difference in their lives from using the processes I will explain in these blogs.

It can HURT if you don’t keep reading and work through your toxic stress because it will hurt you eventually.

Are you playing Small in Life? Who NEEDS you to play Bigger for them? Why aren’t you? What is preventing you from fully showing up in life? When is (now) a good time to start? I know this process can help change your life, yet it’s up to you to make the decision to keep reading and do the homework.

There is a tale that comes from the Old South about a dog lying on nail and howling. A passing stranger asked, “Why don’t your dog move off the nail?” The owner replied, “It don’t hurt bad enough.”

My job to help you is to make it hurt bad enough that you are motivated “to get up off that nail.” I know the information and process works. I have experienced it working for many others as well as myself.  This work is what you’ve been waiting for to get the results in your life.  So, once again, imagine all your prayers finally being answered.

“Good Enough” is what you say when you didn’t get what you wanted in life. Know that you are more than enough.You deserve the best in your life. It is your birthright. Don’t settle for “good enough.”

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you in our next article as I explain the process using quantum physics.

Aloha & Best of Health,

Dr. Andrea Mills, PhD, DNM

(This is the second in a series of short articles. See “Detoxing Your Life” for the next article as each article contains information in a sequence, building on the information of the previous article.)

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