“Is it Possible to Manifest Change Using Mediation?”

I believe that it is absolutely possible!  Everyone has access to this wonderful tool – Meditation. With a little guidance, we learn how to access and revise our inner “programming” to create the mental focus, vitality and clarity we want.

Everyone has access to this wonderful tool – Meditation. With a little guidance, we learn how to access and revise our inner “programming” to create the mental focus, vitality and clarity we want.

By using the analogy of the concept, creation and use of standard Microsoft Word software, we pointed out how we take on the roles of creator, programmer and user throughout our lives.

What defines us as humans is our boundless potential and capacity to take on all of these roles. We are not simply the (conscious) user of the application. Neither are we the application alone (our pre-programmed beliefs & limitations). Nor are we simply the source code or the programmer. We are, in fact, ALL of them, even though we are only consciously aware of the outcomes we experience from the application.

Our numerous applications and program designers challenge us in our ‘conscious’ mind, and our source code and programmer within our ‘subconscious’ mind!

To complicate matters further, the programmer residing in our subconscious has a mandatory prerequisite that it places upon the designer who lives in the conscious realm. Before it will do any work for them, the programmer states very clearly:

“I will only make changes to the source code when you give me a very coherent set of requirements. Further, you have to communicate with me in a language I understand called ‘Theta brain waves’. Even though I will get the gist of what you need if you speak to me in ‘Alpha brain waves’, Theta is much better. However, speaking to me in ‘Theta’ will only get my attention. If you want me to put these changes into action, there are three further steps you must do:

  • First, you have to create a very clear visual picture of what it is I am to program.

  • Next, you must make me FEEL as if I have already written the program and that I am now the user experiencing these changes.

  • Finally, if you can accomplish those two things, great! But I don’t want you to check back and ask me how progress is coming along because this means you don’t trust that I can deliver upon my promise. So I require your gratitude in advance for my guarantee of service. You will therefore pay me and thank me for having delivered the changes you requested as I’m going to deliver them in a far greater way than you expected. Trust and know your destiny is on its way!”

This may sound like computer-techie programmer talk, but the similarities of how the two work and mirror each other are a great way to open eyes and help people understand the mysteries of how our conscious and subconscious work together.

Wrapping up this analogy and moving on, here’s the takeaway: through the process and practice of meditation, we are able to communicate the changes we want in our life.

One way to achieve this is by practicing your daily innercise or guided Mental Rehearsal / Meditation. While in deep meditation we are able to reach a state where we access the slow Theta brain waves. From there, it is possible to manifest infinite possibilities. First, we must disassociate from our thinking selves and lose track of our body, our environment, and time. To enter into a coherent state of mind, we need to become more wave and less particle (or matter) in the Quantum Field.

What does that mean? Well, our human body is scientifically proven to be 99% “empty space,” which means we are about only 1 percent physical matter. The matter that we see with our eyes is really just an observation of things like force, energy, vibrations, and frequencies. Just because you can’t see anything doesn’t mean that empty space is truly empty. Energy, vibration, frequency, information all can be accessed and worked with through meditation. Once you learn to access these elements, they will respond. And the change you desire transforms from something you once only dreamed about into something that is now within your reach.

In meditation, we embody the belief that the “future self” exists in the now. We start by becoming aware of negative habits and familiarizing ourselves with who we no longer want to be, think, act or feel. Take a moment to ask yourself what ingrained thoughts or actions are you struggling with that hold you back? Meditation is the key to taking action, eliminating those roadblocks and learning to behave in new ways that support your limitless potential.

Where you put your attention is where you put your energy. This is very powerful! You must place your attention on the life you desire. Daily Mental Rehearsal or Meditation is a tool to use when you are serious and ready to make changes in yourself and in your life. It requires a commitment of time and mental energy with a willingness to move beyond your body, your feelings, environment or time to get your mind to be your ally.

As Albert Einstein once said: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”