My Healing Mission is to empower you to take responsibility of your own health. I set a healthy and balanced example by providing an Educational, Emotional, Spiritual, and Compassionate support system that results in your optimal health.

My promise is that you will look and feel amazing!

Dr. Andrea Mills firmly believes in the original definition of a doctor –

Being one who teaches, not one who prescribes. Using the holistic body, mind, and spirit approach, Dr. Mills prescribes a potent mix of practical experience based on her education in Quantum Physics and neuroscience to help patients detox their thoughts, actions, and behaviors. As The Detox Doctor, she facilitates the systematic re-programming of toxic belief systems through proven scientific neuro-physiological principles.

Dr. Mills

Rather than assume you are a victim of your hereditary genes, you can become the victor of your life through detoxing. Our beliefs actually change our biology. We have the power to heal our body, increase our feelings of self-worth, and improve our emotional and spiritual state. Dr. Mills possesses the education and resources necessary to fully detox your life. Her guidance and expertise will enable you to discover the blocks that keep you from reaching your full potential and healing. Her philosophies and practices awaken your consciousness to the truth of your inherent power so you can create and structure an incredible life that is rich with opportunity, self-mastery, and authentic love.

In just a few short years, Dr. Mills embarked on a fundamental metaphysical shift that aligned her with the exact people and institutions that would be instrumental in advancing her new purposeful direction in life.


Dr. Mills was greatly influenced by her parents who created a legacy of active service to their country and their community. Her father, a career officer in the Air Force serving in World War II and the Korean and Viet Nam Wars, was a Cambridge educated electrical engineer. Described as strong, stable, and leading with the highest integrity, he formed the foundation for Dr. Mills’ life of service. Her mother, a spiritual woman, dedicated her time to family. After raising their children, she built a successful nutritional supplements business with doctors in the Midwest region, which became the inspiration for Dr. Mills to eventually enter the field of health and wellness.

Dr. Mills

Dr. Mills first followed in the footsteps of her father’s military lifestyle. When Dr. Mills entered the military in the 1980s, there were few females in service. Still, she pushed herself to maintain the same high standards as the men in her Army units. During her 20-year military career, her interests in the field of health increased. She trained and became the Senior Combat Medic in her Infantry unit and Air Ambulance Medevac Company.

A driven athlete, Dr. Mills qualified to train at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO and became her company’s Master Fitness Trainer.

She pursued additional military duties that eventually lead her to become an Instructor Trainer in Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Warfare and peaked her interest in “Stressed Soldiers” during training and combat situations. This began her pursuit and specialty in PTSD – Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

By the time Dr. Mills retired from the Army in 2002, her body was riddled with pain, yet she suffered more than just physically. There was the added burden of emotional and mental trauma due to the horrors she experienced as a combat medic during her time in the Army.

Experiencing PTSD firsthand, Dr. Mills sought help through medicine, yet the physicians offered no relief using their allopathic approach.

Her encounter with a holistic healing approach completely changed the course of her life. The experience proved to her there was more to healing than medicating and manipulating the physical body.

Being accountable yet eager to share her discovery with the world, Dr. Mills entered an intensive education to learn everything she could about holistic health. Her endeavors brought her in direct contact with the Quantum Medicine World through the International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine – IQUIM or Quantum University.


During her military career, Dr. Mills was granted the opportunity to attend college. She earned her Bachelors of Science from the University of Nebraska in 1985 with an emphasis in Nutrition.

Once retired from the Army, Dr. Mills knew she had found her next life’s purpose. She continued her education by earning a Masters in Traditional Naturopathy, her professional Doctorate in Natural Medicine, and finally her academic doctorate with a Ph. D. in Natural Medicine with an emphasis in neuro science. She is currently earning a second Masters in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Dr. Mills is now the Dean of Admissions at Quantum University. She is also the Event Organizer for The World Congress of Quantum Medicine held each fall in exciting Honolulu, Hawaii. Her desire to share Quantum Medicine and the knowledge of some of the best thinkers of our time with the world is finally being realized through her connection with Quantum University.

The world’s largest institution of higher learning, Quantum University, provides degrees in Natural and Integrative Medicine based on the science of quantum physics. Q.U. -a Degree Granting Institution was established in 2002 and now serves over ten thousand students in over fifty countries around the world.

Mill - Doctorate v.2

Dr. Mills delights in working with such faculty members as Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Amit Goswami, Dr. Masuro Emoto, Dr. Richard Bandler, Dr. Jeffery Fannin, Dr. Lissa Rankin, Lynne McTaggert, and many more.

Andrea diving


A huge believer in “Practice what you preach,” you can find Dr. Andrea these days simultaneously incorporating three of her Detoxing Daily Dozen secrets.

Her passion for snorkeling the reefs of Hawaii provides her EXERCISE, MEDITATION and relief from STRESS.