My Story: Dr. Andrea Mills, PhD, DNM, The Detox Doctor

“Can Stress Make People Sick?” In this blog, we are diving into how stress can physically affect you. Would you agree, stress can make people sick? It stands to reason, therefore, that stress is toxic. Let’s find this toxic source of stress that causes people to be sick. I’ve [...]

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The Power of Thought for Detoxing Your Life

“Can the Power of Thought Help in Detoxing Your Life?” Absolutely!  Much of what a person physically experiences in their life is due to their subconscious programs – their thoughts. We need to detox our minds from the false and limiting beliefs that are also tied to our physical well-being, [...]

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The Hidden Toxins In Your Life

"How Toxic Are You?" Are you aware of all the hidden toxins in your life? or Are you not aware of the many hidden toxins in our air, water, soil/food and environment? Even our thoughts can be toxic! We live with unseen stressful toxins everywhere! There are pollution and chemicals in the air [...]

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