Bringing the Most Effective Rx for Optimal Health And Disease Prevention Through Detox

TRUE CELLULAR DETOX™ is necessary because each and every one of us has a body burdened with toxic chemicals accumulated since before birth causing disease and illness. Toxins are absorbed from our mother’s chemical load, from toxins in the air, water and food as well as toxic skin care products and chemical laden clothes. These toxins, once taken in through skin, lungs or digestion, are stored in our cellular and body fat, nervous system and vital organs. As toxins from these multiple sources accumulate our immune system is weakened and the result is aches, pains, depression, fatigue, weight gain, rapid premature aging, illness and chronic disease. Help yourself now and your future generations with True Cellular Detox. Restore your health and youthful vitality because your health is your choice.

The True Cellular Detox Package Includes:

  • Instant access to True Cellular Detox™ Learning & Protocol Center
  • 30-day Prep Phase Supplements

  • 30-day Body Phase Supplements

  • 30-day Brain Phase Supplements

  • 30-day Cellular Vitality Phase Supplements

  • Portable Infrared Sauna by Therasage

  • The Cellular Healing Diet™ book and CD

  • Metal-Free™ heavy metal detoxification

  • CytoDetox™ cellular zeolite detox

  • Colostrum-IC™ immune oral spray

  • Bind™ heavy metal detox supplement

  • Revitin™ prebiotic toothpaste

  • Mineral-rich PRL Hawaiian Sea Salt

  • 30-days use of BrainTap™ Technology

  • Tests: Meta-Oxy, VCS, Neurotoxic Test

  • Personal Consultation with Dr. Mills, PhD, DNM and a community of support for you.

$2,997.00 (optional plan of 4 monthly payments $750.00 each) or
Discount of $400 when $2,597.00 is paid today

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Andrea Mills, PhD, DNM
Email: or phone: (866) 713-3776

Dr. Andrea Mills is a Doctor of Natural Medicine (DNM), not an allopathic medical doctor (MD).

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